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Solid Waste Shredder for sale in Indonesia

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GEP has several shredder running site in Indonesia about solid waste shredding. GEP solid waste shredder includes single-shaft fine shredder, primary shredder, mobile type shredder, dual shaft shredder and four shaft shredder. GEP is also constantly adapt and innovate to research and develop new product, optimize existing products. Solid waste shredder application GEP solid waste shredders are widely used. For different types shredders, the main application areas are bulky waste, waste tire, plastic waste, electronic waste, leather or fabric waste, domestic waste, metal waste, etc. Bulky-waste-process Shredder features include: single, dual-shaft, four-shaft shredders, primary and mobile type shredders can meet your application according to your requirements The motor power from 11kw to 2*350kw. Screens and magnetic separator can be used to separate after shredding. The shredders can be customized by different material and final products size. Thus, with high-quality, rich experience, good after-sales service, our company GEP can also equip the entire shredding production line.